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“New players are framing money stress not as a finance problem but as a health problem. ZavFit is one emerging player representing this paradigm shift. The European HealthTech start-up has built “the first health tool for money that focuses on improving the health and happiness of the individual as an outcome.” The Future of Wellness 2021, Money Out Loud trends report. Global Wellness Institute, January 2021


ZavFit is a HealthTech company. We’re on a mission to change the culture around money, mental health & wellbeing


Because worrying about money is the #1 cause of stress and our aim is to help you improve your health and happiness.


By removing the anxiety you feel about your money, and instead help you feel good about it.

Our wellbeing & psychology polls give you a better understanding of what makes you tick

Our MoneyMoods allow you to reflect on what spending improves your happiness & wellbeing

Our ZavTargets & ZavScore make it easy for you to track your MoneyFitness and decide which spending makes you feel better.

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Saving is good, spending is bad, right? Well, no! Being MoneyFit means spending smart: focusing on those things that make the most difference to your overall wellbeing. Find out if you spend happy with our quick quiz.

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