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So you want to know more about us?

First things first, we are a new HealthTech start-up that is focused on helping people improve their health and happiness. It’s that simple.

Did you know that worrying about money is one of the leading causes of anxiety and mental health issues?

Who likes talking about money? No one.

It’s a boring subject, filled with guilt and shame and shhh lots of secrets. It’s not fun and certainly doesn’t make us happy. We are here to change that and as a wellbeing company, we want to talk about how your money makes you feel.

Worrying about money is one of the biggest causes of anxiety.

At ZavFit, we take the guilt and anxiety out of daily spending and help people feel good.

Feeling good, sounds good, yes? We are taking a fresh approach, think of it as a mash up:

fitness buff × brainy psychologist × nerdy gamer

Of course these are stereotypes, but you get the idea. These are just a few of the individuals that we have working on our new App.

ZavFit is not a savings plan or budgeting tool. Yes, saving is good for our future self but spending is good for our living self. We need to take care of both and shouldn’t ever sacrifice too much of one for the other. We will help you understand what makes you feel good and has the greatest impact on your wellbeing.

Woman on a mat in a yoga stretch

The relationship between your spending and wellbeing is what we call your MoneyFitness.

Meet the Team


Anna Freeman

Ideas & wellbeing freak, looking to make the world a better place


Ian Taylor

Driver of innovation. Status quo is a dirty word


Erman Misirlisoy

Wants to get inside your brain


Manish Patel

Mathematical mastermind; Caractacus Pott wannabe


Liz Engelsen

Brand geek, lover of all things design


James Roberts

People connector, excited by creating change


Zoe Featherstone-Smith


Emma Taylor


Greg Searle

The inspiring Olympic Gold medalist next door


Meir Stolear

Mental health mastermind, the most interesting conversation you will ever have


John X

The one to call in a crisis