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We’re game changers

Money. It’s such an awkward topic that is often off-limits with friends and family, and can leave us feeling isolated, unsure and inadequate. Money is the number 1 cause of stress.

ZavFit are here to change all that.

We are a HealthTech startup and the first company to identify and address money stress as a health issue. In fact, our radical approach to money and mental health is really getting us noticed: we have been called a gamechanger by the health industry, and pioneers by the wellbeing industry.

Our team of behavioural scientists, psychologists, artificial intelligence experts and neuroscientists behind the ZavFit app want to guide you to new money habits that make you feel happy and healthy. So say goodbye to those anxious, guilty and uncertain moments and say hello to MoneyFitness.

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Worrying about money is one of the biggest causes of anxiety. “New players are framing money stress not as a finance problem but as a health problem. ZavFit is one emerging player representing this paradigm shift. The European HealthTech start-up has built “the first health tool for money that focuses on improving the health and happiness of the individual as an outcome.”

We’re on a mission to make the world a happier, healthier place

Here’s the kicker: your money is part of your wellbeing. Yes, we really mean that.

And just as we make little choices every day to help us feel better and fitter – like staying active, eating well, and keeping connected to family & friends - MoneyFitness means little steps every day to feeling happier and healthier about your money.

From feelings of ‘why did I do that?’ to ‘I’ve got this.’

So park everything you’ve been told or think you know about money.

Get MoneyFit, with ZavFit.

Wellbeing & psychology polls monitor wellbeing & help you understand what makes you tick - Money Moods allow you to reflect on what spending improves or undermines your happiness & wellbeing - ZavTargets suggest positive ways to use your money to make you feel happier and healthier - ZavScore makes it easy for you to track your progress in getting MoneyFit

Working together to tackle money stress

We know each organisation and individual is different. We’ve created a flexible yet holistic approach to financial wellbeing that is focused on the health of the individual.

ZavFit App: The first health app for money stress. MoneyFitness Education Programme: Builds awareness & skills on key areas of money and mental health. Social Content Communications: Reveal how simple changes can boost wellbeing in unexpected ways.

Meet the Team


Anna Freeman

Founder and CEO

Ideas & wellbeing freak, looking to make the world a better place


Ian Taylor


Driver of innovation. Status quo is a dirty word


Dr. Erman Misirlisoy

Chief Science Officer


Liz Engelsen

Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer

Brand geek, lover of all things design


Leonardo Bartoloni

Head of Engineering


Dr. Valentina Vellani

Behavioural Scientist


Ben Rose

Development Operations


Dr. Geoff Bird

Health and Science Advisor


Davide Morelli

HealthTech Advisor


Campbell Brierley

Technology Advisor


Greg Searle


The inspiring Olympic Gold medalist next door


Meir Stolear


Mental health mastermind, the most interesting conversation you will ever have


John X


The one to call in a crisis